Life is becoming totally unbearable at the moment, a simple trip to feed the ducks was so stressful I’m honestly not sure why we bothered. Logan is spending 80% if the time in meltdown, tense, frustrated even a violent state.

I think this maybe due to uncertainty at school over his class next year. Logan has spent the past 2 years in a ‘pod’ that’s school speak for classroom in a portacabin / temporary classroom outside of the main school buildings.

This year it’s expected he’ll be in the main school building with all the anxiety that brings for him, the ‘pod’ classrooms have there own toilets but in the main school building its shared with the rest of the school is just one example of change that’s adding to his stress levels.

The school had promised a transition programme, for Logan but this now seems non existent as we’ve been told the teachers themselves still don’t know where they’ll be next year, in fact the school is interviewing for staff. With only 7 school days left of the term is looking like the transition idea is scrapped despite how needed it is to children like Logan.







Where do ydigital-alarm-clock-clipart-alarm_clockou start, is Logan just hungry? always? It seems that way.

Logan steals food constantly I’m not just talking about the odd biscuit here and there, I’m talking massively strangely eats full packs of biscuits, or full box of ice lollies and if we’ve nothing in that can be taken he will even eat frozen food including burgers, fish fingers etc. This is a 24/7 issue it doesn’t matter what the time of day, he’ll get up in the middle of the night and eat whatever he can find.

At first I thought he’d grow out of it but it’s just getting worst and worst, I’ve even considered putting a padlock on the fridge but afraid the social services might frown upon my decision so haven’t but things can’t continue the way they are.

Over Easter he ate 2 of his sisters Easter Eggs, they had even been hidden away obviously not well enough but I’m now starting to think he just can’t help himself. I keep finding hidden half eaten food items under the sofa along with all the litter from the food he’s helped himself to.

Its really heard to actually put this problem in to words but were getting no help or even advice from anyone, even suggestions on ways to deal with it.. In fact support for us and Logan is next to non-existent.

Time to bash some heads together again I think.. surly support for families like ours should be more forth coming then currently is the case.

easter-bunny2Having had a really busy couple of weeks were looking forward to a quiet Easter, although we’ve plans to move house and change kids schools and all sorts so keep an eye out trouble may be just around the corner.






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